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Medical Over Bed Trolley

A medical over bed trolley, also known as an overbed table or hospital bedside table, is a versatile piece of furniture designed to provide a convenient surface for patients to eat, read, or perform other activities while in bed


Key features and characteristics of a medical over bed trolley typically include:

Adjustable Height: One of the key features of over bed trolleys is their adjustable height mechanism. This allows healthcare providers or patients to customize the height of the table to ensure it aligns with the bed’s surface, accommodating different bed heights and patient preferences.

Tilting Tabletop: Many over bed trolleys come with a tilting tabletop feature. This allows the surface to be adjusted to various angles, facilitating comfortable reading, writing, or other activities for patients. The tilting function is typically controlled by a lever or knob.

Mobility: Over bed trolleys are equipped with wheels or castors, providing easy mobility to move the table over the bed. This enables patients to position the table conveniently based on their needs, whether for dining, using a laptop, or engaging in other activities.

Sturdy Construction: The construction of over bed trolleys is designed to be sturdy and durable. Materials such as steel or high-quality plastics are commonly used to ensure the stability and reliability of the table.

Locking Mechanism: Some models may include a locking mechanism for stability when the table is in use. This prevents unintended movement or adjustments and ensures the safety of the patient.

Integrated Rails or Edges: The tabletop may feature raised edges or rails to prevent items from sliding off, enhancing the safety and security of items placed on the table.

Versatility: Over bed trolleys are versatile and can be used for various purposes. They may include additional features such as built-in storage compartments, side rails, or accessories like cup holders and reading stands.

User-Friendly Controls: Controls for adjusting the height or tilting the tabletop are designed to be user-friendly, allowing patients to make adjustments independently if needed.


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