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Medical Dressing Trolley

A medical dressing trolley is a specialized piece of equipment designed to facilitate the organization, transport, and application of medical dressings and wound care supplies within healthcare settings. These trolleys are crucial in maintaining a clean and efficient environment for healthcare professionals to carry out wound care procedures and dressing changes.


Key features and characteristics of a medical dressing trolley typically include:

Adjustable Shelves: The trolley often features adjustable shelves or trays to accommodate various sizes of wound care supplies, dressings, and instruments.

Drawer Compartments: Many dressing trolleys include drawers for the organized storage of smaller items such as bandages, gauze, sterile swabs, and wound care instruments.

Guard Rails or Edges: Some dressing trolleys feature guard rails or raised edges on the trays to prevent items from accidentally falling off during transport.

Height Adjustment: Certain models of dressing trolleys come with height-adjustable features, allowing healthcare providers to customize the trolley’s height to match the level of the patient’s bed or treatment area.

Waste Bin Attachment: Some dressing trolleys include an attachment for a waste bin, facilitating the proper disposal of used dressings, packaging materials, and other medical waste generated during the dressing change process.

Integrated Work Surface: The top surface of the trolley may serve as a convenient workspace for healthcare providers to organize and prepare dressing change materials.

Locking Mechanisms: Dressing trolleys may be equipped with locking mechanisms to secure drawers or trays during transport, ensuring that supplies remain in place and are readily available when needed.

Mobility: Medical dressing trolleys are equipped with wheels or castors, allowing easy movement and transport within healthcare facilities.


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