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Hospital Baby Trolley

A hospital baby trolley, also known as a baby bassinet or infant transport trolley, is a specialized piece of equipment designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for newborns and infants within healthcare settings.


Key features and characteristics of a hospital baby trolley typically include:

Safety and Security: The primary function of a hospital baby trolley is to ensure the safety and security of newborns during transport. These trolleys are equipped with safety features such as secure harness systems, guardrails, and locking mechanisms to prevent accidental falls or movement.

Mobility: Hospital baby trolleys are designed with wheels or castors to facilitate easy mobility. This enables healthcare providers to transport infants smoothly and efficiently within the hospital environment while attending to their care needs.

Adjustable Features: The trolley may have adjustable features such as a tilting mattress or height adjustment to facilitate easier access for healthcare professionals during examinations or treatments.

Clear Viewing Panels: Many baby trolleys feature clear viewing panels or sides, allowing healthcare providers to monitor the infant’s well-being without having to disturb them.

Temperature Regulation: Some baby trolleys are equipped with features for temperature regulation, such as radiant warmers or a controlled environment, to ensure that newborns maintain an optimal body temperature during transport and care.

Storage Space: Baby trolleys often come with storage compartments or shelves to store essential items such as diapers, blankets, and medical supplies. This feature contributes to the convenience of healthcare professionals while caring for infants.


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