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Medical O2 Cylinder Trolley

A Medical O2 Cylinder Trolley, also known as an oxygen cylinder cart or oxygen tank trolley, is designed to transport and securely hold medical oxygen cylinders in healthcare settings.


Key features and characteristics of a Medical O2 Cylinder Trolley typically include:

Mobility: Oxygen cylinder trolleys are equipped with wheels or castors, allowing easy and smooth movement within healthcare facilities. This mobility ensures that medical staff can quickly transport oxygen cylinders to patient locations, such as hospital rooms, emergency departments, or other treatment areas.

Secure Cylinder Holding: The trolley is designed with secure mechanisms to hold and stabilize medical oxygen cylinders during transport. This prevents the cylinders from tipping or falling, ensuring the safety of both patients and healthcare providers.

Adjustable Cylinder Straps: Many trolleys feature adjustable straps or clamps that securely hold oxygen cylinders of various sizes. This adaptability allows healthcare professionals to transport cylinders with different diameters, ensuring compatibility with a range of medical oxygen systems.

Durable Construction: Oxygen cylinder trolleys are typically constructed from sturdy materials such as steel or aluminum to withstand the rigors of daily use in healthcare environments. This durability ensures the longevity and reliability of the trolley.

Safety Features: Trolleys may include safety features such as locking mechanisms to secure the cylinders in place during transport. Additionally, some models may have brakes on the wheels to prevent unintended movement when stationary.

Accessibility: Oxygen cylinder trolleys are designed to provide easy access to the cylinders, allowing healthcare providers to quickly retrieve or replace them as needed. This accessibility is crucial in emergency situations or during routine oxygen therapy.

Compatibility with Oxygen Delivery Systems: Trolleys are often designed to be compatible with various types of oxygen delivery systems, including flow meters, regulators, and other necessary components. This ensures that the entire oxygen delivery setup can be transported together on the trolley.

Labeling or Identification: Some trolleys may include labeling or identification features to indicate the type of oxygen cylinder or other relevant information. This helps healthcare providers quickly identify the contents of the trolley.


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