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Medical Instrument Trolley

These trolleys play a crucial role in facilitating the efficiency of medical procedures, examinations, and patient care by providing a mobile and organized platform for healthcare professionals to access necessary tools.


Key features and characteristics of a medical instrument trolley typically include:

Accessory Hooks or Holders: Trolleys may include hooks or holders for additional accessories such as cables, tubing, or bags. This helps keep the workspace tidy and organized during medical procedures.

Mobility: Instrument trolleys are equipped with wheels or castors, allowing easy movement within healthcare facilities.

Adjustable Shelves or Trays: Many medical instrument trolleys feature adjustable shelves or trays to accommodate instruments and supplies of various sizes.

Guard Rails or Edges: Some trolleys include guard rails or raised edges on the trays to prevent items from accidentally falling off during transport. This safety feature is especially important when moving the trolley between patient rooms or treatment areas.

Easy-to-Clean Surfaces: The materials used in the construction of instrument trolleys are chosen for their resistance to contamination and ease of cleaning. Smooth surfaces with minimal seams or crevices facilitate routine cleaning and contribute to infection control measures.

Organizational Features: Trolleys are designed with organizational features such as dividers, trays, or compartments to help healthcare providers categorize and separate different types of instruments.


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