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Lens Grooving Machine

An ophthalmic lens grooving machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the eyewear manufacturing process, particularly in the production of rimless or semi-rimless eyeglasses. The machine is designed to create precise grooves or channels in the lenses, allowing them to be securely mounted into the frame. Grooving machines play a crucial role in achieving a secure and aesthetically pleasing lens-to-frame connection.


The primary purpose of a lens grooving machine is to create grooves or channels in eyeglass lenses, providing a secure and stable mounting solution for rimless or semi-rimless frames.

Frame Compatibility:

Grooving machines are commonly used for frames that rely on grooves to hold the lenses, eliminating the need for conventional screws or drill holes.
These frames may include rimless designs or semi-rimless styles where the lenses are mounted along the bottom edge of the frame.

Lens Material:

Lens grooving machines are compatible with a variety of lens materials, including plastic, polycarbonate, high-index, and other materials commonly used in eyeglass lenses.

Groove Creation:

The machine uses specialized tools or cutting mechanisms to create precise grooves in the lenses.
The grooves are strategically positioned to match the frame’s design and ensure a secure fit.

Groove Configurations:

Grooves can be created in different configurations, including V-shaped or U-shaped channels, depending on the specific requirements of the frame and the design preferences of the wearer.


Lens grooving machines offer customization options, allowing manufacturers to tailor the groove dimensions and configurations based on the frame design and customer preferences.

High Precision:

Modern lens grooving machines are engineered for high precision to ensure that the grooves are accurately aligned and consistent across a batch of lenses.


Some grooving machines feature automation capabilities, allowing for efficient and consistent processing of a large number of lenses.
Automated systems may include conveyor belts or robotic arms to move lenses through the grooving process.

Adjustable Settings:

The machine typically includes adjustable settings to accommodate different lens sizes, shapes, and thicknesses.
Settings may also be adjustable to create grooves with specific depths and widths.

Quality Control:

Rigorous quality control measures are applied to ensure that grooved lenses meet industry standards for safety, strength, and precision.
Visual inspections or automated checks may be conducted to verify the quality of the grooves.

Integration with Lens Edging:

In some cases, lens grooving machines may be integrated into lens edging systems, allowing for a seamless transition from grooving to shaping and finishing the lenses.


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