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Digital Lensmeter

An ophthalmic digital lensmeter, also known as a lensometer or focimeter, is an optical instrument used in eyecare practices and optical dispensaries to measure and verify the prescription of eyeglass lenses. This digital device provides accurate and objective measurements of lens power, cylinder power, axis orientation, and other parameters, ensuring the precise customization of eyeglasses for patients.

Lens Power Measurement:

The primary function of a digital lensmeter is to measure the optical power of eyeglass lenses, providing accurate and objective readings.
It measures both spherical and cylindrical powers, as well as any additional prism power.

Objective Measurements:

The digital lensmeter automates the measurement process, reducing the subjectivity associated with manual lensometers.
It provides objective readings, eliminating the need for patient feedback during the measurement.

LCD Display:

The instrument features a digital LCD display that shows the measurement results, making it easy for eyecare professionals to read and interpret the data.
Some models may have additional features such as a graphical representation of the lens power.

Cylinder Axis Measurement:

A digital lensmeter measures the axis orientation of the cylindrical power in eyeglass lenses, ensuring accurate alignment for astigmatism correction.

Prism Power Measurement:

The instrument is capable of measuring prism power, which is essential for prescriptions requiring prism correction.

UV and Blue Light Measurement:

Some advanced models may include features for measuring ultraviolet (UV) and blue light transmission through lenses, contributing to the overall assessment of lens characteristics.

Compact Design:

Digital lensmeters are designed to be compact and user-friendly, fitting well into the workflow of an eyecare practice or optical dispensary.
Portable options may be available for convenience in various settings.

Built-in Printer:

Many digital lensmeters come equipped with a built-in printer, allowing practitioners to print out the lens measurement results for documentation and patient records.

Data Storage and Connectivity:

Digital lensmeters often have the capability to store measurement data and may offer connectivity options for integration with practice management systems or electronic health records.

Auto Power Off:

To conserve energy, many digital lensmeters include an auto-power-off feature that activates after a period of inactivity.

Adjustable Settings:

Eyecare professionals can adjust various settings on the lensmeter, such as measurement speed, target type, and other parameters, to accommodate different lens materials and coatings.


Regular calibration and maintenance are essential to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the digital lensmeter.


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