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Illuminated Trial Case

An illuminated trial case, also known as an ophthalmic trial lens set or trial frame case, is an essential tool used by eye care professionals, optometrists, and opticians during the eyeglass prescription determination and fitting process. This specialized case holds a set of trial lenses and frames, allowing practitioners to assess and refine the patient’s prescription before the final eyeglasses are crafted.


The primary purpose of an illuminated trial case is to facilitate the process of determining an accurate prescription for eyeglasses.
It helps eye care professionals refine the patient’s prescription by allowing them to try different lens combinations and frame styles.


The case is typically constructed with a durable and lightweight material, providing a secure and organized storage solution for trial lenses and frames.
The interior is designed with compartments and slots to securely hold and organize the various trial lenses.


One of the distinguishing features of an illuminated trial case is the built-in lighting system. It is equipped with an internal light source that illuminates the trial lenses, ensuring clear visibility during the examination process.
The illumination aids in assessing lens characteristics and helps eye care professionals observe the patient’s responses to different prescriptions.

Trial Lenses:

The case contains a comprehensive set of trial lenses with different powers, including spherical lenses, cylindrical lenses for astigmatism correction, and prismatic lenses for managing eye alignment issues.
The lenses are usually labeled with their respective powers for easy identification.

Trial Frames:

In addition to trial lenses, the case may include one or more trial frames. These frames allow practitioners to test different lens prescriptions in a frame, simulating the final eyeglass product.
Trial frames are adjustable to ensure a proper fit on the patient’s face during the examination.

Markings and Labels:

Trial lenses are often marked with power information, cylinder axis, and other relevant details. The case may include reference charts and guides for interpreting these markings.


The trial frames in the case are adjustable to accommodate different facial dimensions, ensuring a comfortable fit during the testing process.
Adjustable nose bridges and temples allow for customization to match the patient’s anatomy.

Ease of Use:

The case is designed for easy access and quick retrieval of trial lenses and frames during the examination.
The illuminated feature enhances visibility and makes the examination process more efficient.


Some cases are designed to be portable, allowing eye care professionals to carry the trial set to different locations or examination rooms within a practice.


Regular cleaning and maintenance of the illuminated trial case are important to ensure that lenses remain clear and free from scratches, providing accurate and reliable results.


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