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Digital Autolensmeter

An ophthalmic digital autolensmeter is a sophisticated optical instrument used in eye care practices and optical dispensaries to measure and assess the optical power and other characteristics of eyeglass lenses. This digital device is designed to provide precise and efficient measurements, aiding eyecare professionals in determining accurate lens prescriptions for patients.

Lens Power Measurement:

The primary function of a digital autolensmeter is to measure the optical power of eyeglass lenses accurately.
It provides objective measurements of lens power, reducing the reliance on manual methods and subjective patient feedback.

Automated Measurements:

The autolensmeter automates the lens measurement process, ensuring speed and efficiency in assessing the prescription of eyeglass lenses.
It utilizes advanced optics and technology to analyze the refractive power of lenses quickly and objectively.

Multiple Measurements:

In addition to measuring lens power, a digital autolensmeter may provide additional measurements, including cylinder power for astigmatism, axis orientation, and pupillary distance.
Some models also offer prism measurements and lens decentration information.

LCD Display:

The instrument features a digital LCD display that shows the measurement results, making it easy for eyecare professionals to read and interpret the data.

Built-in Printer:

Many digital autolensmeters come equipped with a built-in printer, allowing practitioners to print out the lens measurement results for documentation and patient records.

Auto-Fogging Technology:

Some advanced models include auto-fogging technology, which automatically adjusts the lens power during measurement, providing a more accurate assessment, especially for patients with difficulties in subjective responses.

Touchscreen Controls:

The device typically features touchscreen controls, providing a user-friendly interface for easy operation and adjustment of settings.

Data Storage and Connectivity:

Digital autolensmeters often have the capability to store measurement data and may offer connectivity options for integration with practice management systems or electronic health records.

Adjustable Settings:

Eyecare professionals can adjust various settings on the autolensmeter, such as the target type, measurement speed, and other parameters, to accommodate different lens materials and coatings.

Compact Design:

The instrument is designed to be compact and portable, fitting well into the workflow of an eyecare practice or optical dispensary.


Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the autolensmeter. This may include calibrations and periodic checks of optical components.


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