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ENT Surgery Set

An Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Surgery Set is a collection of specialized surgical instruments and tools used by ear, nose, and throat surgeons (otolaryngologists) during various ENT surgical procedures.


These sets are carefully curated to provide surgeons with the necessary tools to perform a wide range of surgical interventions in the ear, nose, throat, and related structures.


Ear Instruments:
Otoscope: Used for visual examination of the ear canal and eardrum.
Myringotomy Knife: Designed for making incisions in the eardrum.
Tympanometer: Measures middle ear pressure and eardrum movement.

Nose Instruments:
Nasal Speculum: Holds open the nostrils for examination.
Rhinoplasty Instruments: Used in nasal reconstruction surgeries.
Septum Straighteners: Instruments for correcting nasal septum deviations.

Throat Instruments:
Throat Mirrors: Used for examining the back of the throat.
Tonsillectomy Instruments: Tools for removing tonsils.
Laryngoscope: Provides a view of the larynx (voice box).

Electrocautery Devices:
Used for cutting or coagulating tissues during surgery.

Sinus Surgery Instruments:
Sinus Forceps and Curettes: Instruments for sinus surgery and nasal procedures.
Endoscopic Instruments: Tools for endoscopic sinus surgeries.

Thyroid and Neck Surgery Instruments:
Thyroid Retractors: Used in thyroid surgeries.
Neck Dissection Instruments: Tools for neck surgeries.

Common Types:

Otology Set:
Focused on instruments used in ear surgeries and procedures.

Rhinology Set:
Tailored for nasal and sinus surgeries.

Laryngology Set:
Contains instruments for procedures related to the larynx and vocal cords.

Head and Neck Surgery Set:
Instruments for surgeries involving the head and neck region, including thyroid and neck dissection procedures.


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