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Dilation and Curettage Set

A Dilation and Curettage (D&C) Set is a collection of specialized instruments and tools used in the medical procedure known as dilation and curettage.


The D&C set includes instruments necessary for the procedure.


Graduated dilators used to gradually enlarge the cervical opening to allow access to the uterine cavity.

Uterine Sounds:
Used to measure the depth of the uterus and assess the size and position of the uterine cavity.

A spoon-shaped surgical instrument used for scraping or suctioning the uterine lining. There are various types of curettes, including sharp and suction curettes.

Vaginal Speculum:
Instrument for visualizing and accessing the cervix during the procedure.

A grasping instrument with sharp hooks used to hold and stabilize the cervix during the dilation process.

Surgical forceps for handling tissues and removing specimens from the uterine cavity.

Surgical scissors for cutting tissues or sutures as needed during the procedure.


Diagnostic D&C:
Used for diagnosing and investigating abnormal uterine bleeding, the cause of miscarriage, or certain gynecological conditions.

Therapeutic D&C:
Employed for treating conditions such as incomplete miscarriage, uterine polyps, or excessive uterine bleeding.

Endometrial Biopsy:
Can be performed to obtain tissue samples from the uterine lining for further examination.

D&C may be part of hysteroscopic procedures to visualize and treat abnormalities within the uterine cavity.


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