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Cesarean section Set

A Cesarean Section (C-Section) Set, is a collection of specialized instruments and surgical supplies specifically assembled for use during cesarean section procedures.


A well-prepared Cesarean Section Set is essential for ensuring the safety and success of cesarean deliveries.


Scalpels and Blades:
Surgical scalpel for making the initial incision and various blades for precise cutting.

Abdominal retractors to hold back tissues, providing better visibility of the surgical site.

Surgical scissors for cutting tissues, sutures, and other materials during the procedure.

Needle Holders and Suture Material:
Needle holders for suturing and sutures for closing incisions.

Towel Clips and Forceps:
Towel clips for securing drapes and forceps for handling tissues during the surgery.

Adson and Babcock Forceps:
Fine-tipped forceps for delicate tissue manipulation.

Umbilical Cord Clamp:
Sterile clamp used for clamping and cutting the umbilical cord.

Electrocautery Device:
Used for cutting or coagulating tissues during surgery.


Scheduled Cesarean Sections:
Used in planned cesarean deliveries where the surgical team has time to prepare and set up the operating room.

Emergency Cesarean Sections:
Employed in emergency situations where a cesarean delivery is required urgently due to complications during labor.

Hospital Operating Rooms:
Typically used in hospital operating rooms equipped for surgical deliveries.


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