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Delivery Set

Delivery sets are meticulously assembled to provide healthcare professionals with the tools necessary to facilitate a safe and successful delivery.


The specific instruments and supplies included in the set may vary based on the type of delivery and the healthcare provider’s preferences or protocols.


Obstetric Forceps:
Specialized forceps designed to assist in the delivery of the baby’s head during certain childbirth situations.

Surgical scissors for cutting sutures, clamps, or other materials during the delivery process.

Hemostatic clamps for clamping umbilical cords or managing bleeding during the delivery.

Delivery Instruments:
Instruments such as episiotomy scissors, perineal hooks, or other tools used in specific childbirth situations.

Common Types:

Cesarean Section (C-Section) Set:
Includes instruments and supplies required for cesarean section surgeries.

Home Birth Delivery Set:
A portable set designed for use in home birth situations, often containing essential items for a more basic delivery setting.


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