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Examination Gloves

Examination Gloves are disposable protective hand coverings commonly used in healthcare settings, laboratories, and during various medical procedures. They act as a barrier to prevent the spread of infections and maintain hygiene standards.

Key Features:

Material: Typically made from latex, nitrile, or vinyl, offering varying levels of flexibility, durability, and resistance to chemicals.

Powder-Free: Many gloves are powder-free to minimize skin irritation and reduce the risk of contamination.

Disposable: Designed for single-use to prevent cross-contamination between patients or during procedures.

Ambidextrous: Suitable for use on either hand, providing convenience for healthcare professionals.

Fit and Comfort: Designed for a snug fit to enhance dexterity and comfort during examinations or medical procedures.

Textured Surface: Some gloves have a textured surface for improved grip, particularly useful in tasks requiring precision.

Latex-Free Options: Available in latex-free versions to accommodate individuals with latex allergies.

Thickness Options: Offered in various thickness levels to meet different requirements for tactile sensitivity and protection.

Color Variety: Available in different colors, with blue and white being common choices, for easy differentiation and identification.

Compliance with Standards: Manufactured in compliance with relevant quality and safety standards for medical gloves.


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