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Oxygen Mask

An Oxygen Mask is a medical device used to deliver controlled amounts of oxygen to patients with respiratory conditions or those in need of supplemental oxygen. It ensures efficient oxygen administration directly to the patient’s airways.

Key Features:

Mask Design: Fitted with a mask that covers the nose and mouth to facilitate inhalation of oxygen.

Adjustable Nose Clip: Equipped with an adjustable nose clip to ensure a secure and comfortable fit on the patient’s face.

Elastic Straps: Often features elastic straps that go around the head to keep the mask securely in place.

Transparent or Semi-Transparent: Masks are typically made of transparent or semi-transparent material, allowing healthcare professionals to monitor the patient’s face.

Oxygen Tube: Connected to an oxygen source through tubing, enabling the delivery of controlled oxygen levels.

Variable Flow Rates: Adjustable flow rates to provide precise oxygen concentrations based on the patient’s needs.

Single or Multi-Vent Designs: Some masks have multiple vents or holes to vary the oxygen delivery pattern.

Latex-Free Options: Many oxygen masks are available in latex-free materials for patients with latex allergies.

Disposable or Reusable: Offered in both disposable and reusable options, depending on the intended use.

Adult and Pediatric Sizes: Available in various sizes to accommodate both adult and pediatric patients.


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