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Foley Balloon Catheter

Foley Balloon Catheters are commonly used in healthcare settings for both short-term and long-term urinary drainage, such as in postoperative care, acute medical conditions, or management of urinary retention.

Key Features:

Balloon Inflation: Equipped with an inflatable balloon at the tip, which is filled with sterile water after
insertion to anchor the catheter in the bladder.

Silicone or Latex Material: Typically made from silicone or latex for flexibility and biocompatibility.

Eyes or Holes: Multiple drainage eyes or holes near the tip facilitate efficient urine drainage.

Size Options: Available in various sizes to accommodate different patient needs.

Radiopaque Line: Some catheters have a radiopaque line for visibility in medical imaging (X-rays).

Two Lumens: Most Foley catheters have two lumens—one for urine drainage and the other for balloon inflation.

Catheter Length: Available in different lengths to suit various anatomies.

Sterile Packaging: Supplied in sterile packaging to prevent infections during insertion.

Closed System Options: Some Foley catheters are available as part of closed urinary drainage systems to minimize the risk of infection.

Indication Markings: Markings along the catheter indicate the insertion depth to ensure proper placement.


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