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Chest Drainage Set

A Chest Drainage Set is a medical device used to remove air, blood, or other fluids from the pleural space surrounding the lungs.

Key Features

Catheter: Equipped with a flexible catheter that is inserted into the pleural space to facilitate the drainage of air or fluid.

Collection Chamber: Includes a collection chamber to collect and measure the volume of drained fluid, allowing healthcare professionals to monitor the patient’s condition.

One-Way Valve: Features a one-way valve to prevent air or fluid from flowing back into the pleural space, maintaining the desired negative pressure.

Water Seal Chamber: Utilizes a water seal chamber to control the flow of air and maintain the desired pressure within the pleural space.

Suction Control: Some sets include a suction control mechanism to regulate the amount of negative pressure applied during the drainage process.

Transparent Design: Many chest drainage sets have a transparent design, allowing visual monitoring of fluid levels and any potential air leaks.

Securement Devices: Equipped with securement devices or sutures to keep the catheter in place and prevent accidental dislodgment.

Tubing and Connectors: Consists of tubing and connectors that facilitate the efficient flow of air or fluid from the pleural space to the collection chamber.

Instructions for Use: Typically includes clear instructions for healthcare professionals on how to set up, monitor, and manage the chest drainage system effectively.


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