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Intravenous Cannula

An Intravenous Cannula, also known as an IV catheter or IV cannula, is a medical device used to administer fluids, medications, or blood products directly into a patient’s vein. It is an essential component of intravenous therapy.

Key Features:

Catheter Material: Typically made from materials like Teflon or polyurethane for flexibility and biocompatibility.

Needle: Comes with an initial needle for insertion into the vein, which is removed once the cannula is in place.
Wings or Flanges: Designed with wings or flanges for secure fixation and ease of handling during insertion.

Catheter Size: Available in various sizes to accommodate different patient needs and therapeutic requirements.

Color-Coding: Often color-coded by size to facilitate easy identification.

Hub: The hub at the proximal end allows for connection to IV tubing and other devices.

Stylets: Some models have stylets (guiding wires) for additional support during insertion.

Safety Features: Some intravenous cannulas include safety features to minimize the risk of needlestick injuries during disposal.

Transparent or Radiopaque: Catheters may be transparent or radiopaque for easy visualization during insertion and monitoring.

Sterile Packaging: Supplied in sterile packaging to maintain aseptic conditions during insertion.


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