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Suction Catheter

A Suction Catheter is a medical device used for removing respiratory secretions and fluids from the airways, particularly in patients who have difficulty clearing their own air passages. It is commonly employed in respiratory care settings to maintain airway hygiene.

Key Features:

Flexible Tube: Constructed with a flexible tube that facilitates maneuverability and minimizes trauma during suctioning.

Sterile Tip: The distal end features a sterile tip to prevent infections during the suctioning process.

Eyes or Holes: Multiple openings, often referred to as eyes or holes, are present near the tip to facilitate effective suctioning.

Connector: Equipped with a connector at the proximal end to attach to suction devices or tubing.

Depth Markings: Some catheters have depth markings to guide healthcare professionals during insertion.

Variety of Sizes: Available in various sizes to accommodate different patient ages and requirements.

Thumb Control: Many catheters have a thumb control or valve to regulate suction pressure.

Transparent Tube: Some models feature a transparent tube for visual monitoring of suctioned material.

Disposable or Reusable: Offered in both disposable and reusable options based on clinical needs.

Latex-Free Options: Many suction catheters are available in latex-free materials for patients with latex allergies.


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