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Multiflow Venturi Mask

A Multiflow Venturi Mask is a medical device used for delivering controlled oxygen therapy to patients with respiratory conditions. It is designed to provide precise oxygen concentrations through the adjustment of different color-coded airflow rates.

Key Features:

Venturi System: Utilizes a Venturi system to mix air with a controlled flow of oxygen, allowing for accurate oxygen concentration delivery.

Color-Coded Adaptors: Different color-coded adaptors represent specific oxygen concentration levels for easy identification.

Adjustable Oxygen Concentrations: Allows healthcare professionals to select and adjust the desired oxygen concentration based on the patient’s needs.

Six or more Flow Rates: Typically provides six or more fixed and precise oxygen flow rates, ensuring flexibility in therapy.

Humidification Port: Some masks include a port for attaching a humidification system to prevent dryness in the respiratory tract.

Transparent Mask: Often designed with a transparent or semi-transparent mask for better visualization of the patient’s face.

Elastic Straps: Equipped with elastic straps for a secure and comfortable fit on the patient’s face.

Soft Nose Clip: Includes a soft nose clip to ensure a proper seal without causing discomfort.

Lightweight and Disposable: Made from lightweight materials and is disposable for single-patient use.

Universal Connector: Features a universal connector for compatibility with standard oxygen tubing.


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