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Scalp Vein Set

A Scalp Vein Set, also known as a scalp vein needle or butterfly needle, is a medical device used for intravenous (IV) access, particularly in pediatric or difficult-to-access veins. It is designed to provide a less traumatic and more controlled approach to venipuncture.

Key Features:

Butterfly Wing Design: Characterized by small, flexible wings that allow for secure and stable needle placement.

Short Tubing: Connected to a short length of tubing, facilitating a direct connection to IV tubing or syringes.

Thin-Gauge Needle: Features a thin-gauge needle for less invasive puncture, suitable for delicate veins.

Scalp Vein Use: Primarily designed for use in the scalp veins of infants or small children.

Hypoallergenic Material: Needles are often made from hypoallergenic materials to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.

Color-Coded Wings: Wings may be color-coded for easy identification of needle gauge sizes.

Slip or Luer Lock Connector: Equipped with a slip or luer lock connector for secure attachment to IV tubing or syringes.

Safety Features: Some models have safety features, such as needle guards or safety shields, to reduce the risk of needlestick injuries.

Sterile Packaging: Supplied in sterile packaging to maintain aseptic conditions.

Disposable: Intended for single-use to prevent cross-contamination and maintain hygiene


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