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Refraction Chair Unit

An ophthalmic refraction chair unit is a specialized piece of furniture designed for use in optometry and ophthalmology practices during eye examinations and refraction procedures. This unit is integral to creating a comfortable and efficient environment for both eye care professionals and patients during the process of determining an individual’s eyeglass or contact lens prescription.

Patient Seating:

The primary function of the refraction chair unit is to provide a comfortable and adjustable seating solution for patients undergoing eye examinations and refraction procedures.
The chair is often designed with ergonomic considerations to ensure patient comfort during extended periods.

Adjustable Features:

Refraction chair units are equipped with various adjustable features to accommodate different patients and examination requirements.
Common adjustments include height adjustment, reclining capabilities, and headrest adjustments.

Reclining Mechanism:

The chair typically includes a reclining mechanism that allows patients to recline comfortably during the examination process.
The reclining feature facilitates easy access to the patient’s eyes for the eye care professional.

Rotating Chair Base:

Many units have a rotating base that allows the chair to swivel, providing flexibility in positioning the patient for different examination procedures.


Adjustable and cushioned armrests contribute to patient comfort and provide a place for patients to rest their arms during various stages of the eye examination.


Some refraction chair units may include footrests to enhance patient comfort and relaxation.
Adjustable footrests accommodate patients of different heights.

Built-in Controls:

The chair unit often features built-in controls that allow eye care professionals to adjust the chair’s position easily.
Controls may include buttons or levers for reclining, height adjustment, and rotation.

Headrest and Face Cushion:

The headrest is designed to support the patient’s head comfortably during the examination.
A face cushion or support may be included to enhance comfort and stability.

Integration with Refraction Equipment:

Refraction chair units are designed to seamlessly integrate with other ophthalmic equipment used during eye examinations, such as phoropters, slit lamps, and autorefractors.

Durability and Easy Maintenance:

The chair is constructed with durable materials to withstand daily use in a busy eye care practice.
Easy-to-clean upholstery and surfaces contribute to the overall maintenance of the unit.

Patient Accessibility:

The design of the chair ensures that eye care professionals have easy access to the patient’s eyes and can conduct refraction procedures with precision.

Aesthetic Design:

Some units are designed with a modern and aesthetically pleasing appearance to create a professional and welcoming atmosphere in the examination room.


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