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Nasal Oxygen Cathether

Nasal oxygen catheters play a vital role in oxygen therapy, ensuring that patients receive a controlled and comfortable flow of supplemental oxygen directly through the nasal passages. They are commonly used in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings.

Key Features:

Soft and Flexible: Made from soft and flexible materials to enhance patient comfort during use.

Dual Prongs: Typically features two prongs that are inserted into the patient’s nostrils for oxygen delivery.

Oxygen Tubing: Connected to an oxygen source through tubing, allowing for the flow of oxygen to the catheter.

Nasal Flare: Some catheters have flared ends to prevent discomfort and ensure a secure fit in the nostrils.

Adjustable Head Strap: Equipped with an adjustable head strap to secure the catheter in place.

Single-Use or Reusable: Available in both single-use and reusable options, depending on the specific requirements.

Transparent Tubing: Some models have transparent tubing, enabling healthcare professionals to visually monitor the flow of oxygen.

Variety of Sizes: Offered in various sizes to accommodate different patient needs and ages.

Sterile Packaging: Supplied in sterile packaging to maintain aseptic conditions during use.

Latex-Free Options: Many nasal oxygen catheters are available in latex-free materials for patients with latex allergies.


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