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ICU Pendant Box

An ICU (Intensive Care Unit) pendant box, also known as an ICU pendant system, is a specialized piece of medical equipment designed to enhance the functionality and efficiency of critical care environments. It is commonly suspended from the ceiling or wall within an ICU, providing a centralized and versatile solution for medical gas delivery, electrical power supply, data connectivity, and other essential services needed to care for critically ill patients.


Key features and characteristics of an ICU pendant box typically include:

Multi-Functional Design: The ICU pendant box integrates multiple functions into a single system, serving as a hub for medical gases, electrical outlets, data ports, and other utility services.

Adjustable Pendant Arms: The pendant box often includes adjustable pendant arms or booms that can be moved and positioned as needed.

Medical Gas Outlets: Integrated medical gas outlets, such as oxygen, air, and vacuum, are a crucial component of the pendant box. These outlets provide a direct and convenient source for administering life-saving gases to critically ill patients without the need for separate equipment.

Electrical Outlets: The pendant box is equipped with electrical outlets to power medical devices, monitors, and other electronic equipment used in the ICU.

Data and Communication Ports: Many ICU pendant systems come with data and communication ports, facilitating the integration of patient monitoring systems, electronic health records, and other data-related functions. This connectivity enhances the coordination of patient care and allows for real-time information access.

Equipment Mounting Options: The pendant arms or booms may have mounting options for various medical devices, such as infusion pumps, patient monitors, or ventilators.

Integrated Lighting: Some ICU pendant systems incorporate lighting elements to enhance visibility during medical procedures or patient care. Integrated lighting contributes to a well-lit and efficient workspace for healthcare professionals.

Emergency Features: Some ICU pendant systems may incorporate emergency features, such as emergency power outlets or backup systems, to ensure continuous functionality during critical situations or power outages.


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