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Ezee Lite Manual Commode Wheelchair

A manual commode wheelchair is a specialized type of wheelchair that serves a dual purpose: providing mobility assistance and incorporating a built-in commode for toileting needs.


Key Features

The”Ezee Commode” wheelchair has a 125 kg weight capability and many more features than a regular wheelchair
It is made up of high-quality stainless steel.
It has thick, U-shaped seats as well as an additional bucket with a lid.
It is exclusively available in black and has swinging footrests that can be adjusted in height.
It also includes a wide calf guard to prevent legs from sliding backward while being propelled.
It is both strong and lightweight, made of extra-strong components and cleanable nylon fabric.

Because it is easy to push and move around, it is ideal for usage in medical facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes and for personal use as well.


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