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Digital 6 Channel ECG Machine

A Digital 6-Channel ECG Machine is an advanced medical device designed for recording and analyzing the electrical activity of the heart using six simultaneous leads


These machines have transitioned from traditional analog systems to digital platforms, offering improved accuracy, diagnostic capabilities, and data management features.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Cardiac Assessment:
Simultaneously records electrical signals from six different leads, offering a detailed view of cardiac activity. This enhances the diagnostic capabilities of healthcare professionals.

Customizable Settings:
Allows customization of various recording parameters such as paper speed, amplitude, and filter settings. This flexibility tailors the recording to specific clinical requirements.

Continuous Monitoring Capability:
Supports continuous monitoring of cardiac activity, making it suitable for applications where prolonged observation is necessary.


Hospitals and Cardiology Clinics:
Widely used in hospitals and cardiology clinics for routine cardiac assessments, as well as in-depth evaluations of cardiac function and specific conditions.

Telemetry and Remote Monitoring:
Enables telemetry and remote monitoring applications, allowing healthcare providers to monitor patients’ cardiac activity from a distance.

Research Settings:
Used in research settings where detailed cardiac data is required for studies, clinical trials, and data analysis.


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