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Broken Screw Removal Set

An orthopedic broken screw removal set is a specialized medical instrument kit used in orthopedic surgery to extract broken or damaged screws from bones, particularly in cases where implants or fixation devices are being removed. These sets are designed to provide orthopedic surgeons with the necessary tools for safe and efficient removal of screws without causing additional damage to the surrounding bone or tissue.

Key components and features of an orthopedic broken screw removal set typically include:

Extractors and Grips: The set includes a variety of extractors or grips specifically designed for engaging and removing broken or stripped screws. These tools are crafted with precision to securely grip the screw for extraction.

Drill Bits: Orthopedic broken screw removal sets often include specialized drill bits that facilitate the controlled drilling around the broken screw. These drill bits are designed to create a pathway for the extractor without causing undue stress on the surrounding bone.

Guide Wires: Guide wires are used to guide the drill bit and provide a pathway for the broken screw removal. They assist in maintaining precision during the drilling process and help avoid further damage to the bone.

Taps: Taps are tools used to create threads in the bone around the broken screw, enhancing the grip of the extractor during the removal process.

Depth Gauges: Depth gauges are included in the set to measure the depth of the screw and guide the surgeon in determining the appropriate length of the drill or extractor required for the procedure.

Fluoroscopy Instruments: In some cases, the set may include instruments suitable for fluoroscopic guidance during the procedure. Fluoroscopy allows real-time X-ray imaging, aiding the surgeon in visualizing the position of the broken screw and guiding the extraction process.

Counter-Torque Instruments: These instruments help in applying counter-torque to the broken screw during extraction, preventing the screw from rotating further into the bone.

Handle and Screwdriver: The set may include handles and screwdrivers designed to attach to the extractors, providing the surgeon with a comfortable and secure grip during the extraction procedure.

Sterilization Case: The instruments are typically packaged in a sterilization case to ensure that they are properly sterilized before use, maintaining aseptic conditions in the operating room.

User Manual or Instructions: A user manual or set of instructions may be provided to guide the surgeon on the proper use of each instrument in the set, ensuring safe and effective broken screw removal.


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